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Strange Project Behaviour
« on: July 25, 2007, 09:23:12 PM »

i found a strange behaviour that i didn´t expected:

if a project contains a ressource
plus a header with IDs used by the ressource,
then the PellesC-IDE won´t offer the IDs
automatically - if the #define´s aren´t written beginning at first character in line.

I used tabs to group some IDs together
and suddenly the PellesC IDE didn´t offer them anymore.
(I tried single space afterwards - the IDE didn´t like, again)

I wondered if that is a standard i don´t know of
or if the IDE shouldn´t behave like that ?


#define this_works 2001
<--tab-->#define this_not 2002
_#define this_even_not 2003

Is there any OTHER reason why i shouldn´t write the #define´s NOT beginning at first place
or is there chance the IDE will be able to ?scan these #define´s in future ?