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Nooblet Questions
« on: December 07, 2007, 04:40:13 am »
ok well umm.. First Question does Pelles C work with OpenGL and freeglut? and how do i "build" freeglut? (i have the "Blue" and "Red" OpenGL books so i could probably do with them) (could i maybe also use a different complier to complie them into dll's then just link them in?)

if they dont work what about glfw? i know that works with this (as its stated) but im still abit clueless about how to do "build" stuff like this, even though i think maybe from the cmd line? with the path pointing to the folder and just typing what it says in the guide? idk im always tired lol and i wasnt too sure if you could "make" files with windows?.

dll's how do i link them in? i think i see where to type them now.. hmmz whats delayed loading mean?

what type of debuggers does Pelles C have? and how do you get the commands? (e.g. Help Files) (please tell me you have gdb i recently read a C guide and i love that debugger)

o and umm.. what are you missing from ANSI C? anything important? (like something to do with floats)

hmmz.. yea im not really in a typing mood, anyway cya  ;)