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Re: *.out file
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Next time you're on a windows machine, open a command shell and type  help then hit enter.  That'll give you the commands and what they do.


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Re: *.out file
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Have you tried: Right click on .exe file and set program to run 'As administrator' ? Alternatively, set it to Run as 'you-own-account' (Sounds weird, but is actually
required sometimes)

What is more, you should not try and 'GOTO' a file unless it is script related. And even then, it should be inside a script and not on the commandline.
'goto' will not report an error as there is nothing wrong to report. 'Call' on the other hand, does work on the commandline.

For example: goto anything > tryme.txt would yield a 0-byte file, even if there would be a script\exe file called 'anything' there. It simply does, nothing.

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