Author Topic: Pocket PC application doesn't run correctly after reinstalling Windows.  (Read 4822 times)


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I changed Windows Vista for Windows 7 and downloaded the latest Pelles C. When I build Pocket PC application and send it to my Pocket PC, it's just falling, not drawing graphics, not doing any calculations. Something works, but just something... When I want to open old ppj project file, Pelles C writes 'bad version of xxx.ppj'. So I created new ppj, but neither the latest source file, nor any of the previous 100% functional backup sources, work. What should I set up in project settings? I run the application on my HTC touch Pro - WM6 device.

Note 1: I use the same (#if deals with differences between PC and PPC) source file for building a PC application and it works OK.
Note 2: Similar error in application occured before and I solved it by moving big global variables (like double[200][200]) to malloc. But now there is nothing like that. The old source code which was built correctly in previous Pelles C, now doesn't work.

I'm not a begining developer, but I can't solve this. I believe the problem is just in project settings, but I don't know. And why new Pelles C can't read old ppj file?